The Fishing was Great!

Unless You Become as a Little Child

Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men...
        The Fishing was Great!
          No Sonia didn’t catch this fish.  But God used the IC team to fulfill His promise of Mark 1:17, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men”. 
          After a week of evangelism in Jinja Uganda we are still praising God for the over 10,000 people who indicated that made decisions for Christ.
          Although we have returned home, the project is not over.  The 23 Baptist churches in Jinja have a big job to disciple all of these new Christians and they have committed that this will be their focus in the coming months.
          Through many generous financial gifts we were also able to  Read More

Unless You Become as a Little Child
     We worked in nine Mission Churches in Jamaica.  The churches were part of a circuit of churches for each pastor, so sometimes the pastor was not present as we worked with members of the mission.  The churches were in rural areas and separated my many miles.  In many cases transportation while at the church was not available.  Some congregations were less than 20 people.  Most visitations were done by walking from the church along neighboring streets. Despite these handicaps, there were 544 who prayed to receive Christ.
     One church in particular was prepared, the church at Green Vale near the city of Mandeville.  The church, which had a membership of about 30, had 251 people come to the Lord during...
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