I did not understand why I came in

            Eight churches in Sri Lanka invited churches from the US to work with them in a week of evangelistic outreach and discipleship.   Months in advance the churches were equipped and prepared for the project week.  Prayer was a vital part of the preparation as church members prayed for men, women and young people who needed the Lord.  

            A missionary asked those teams coming from the US to emphasis training local church members in sharing their faith.   This was a priority for the teams as they made visits.  Many local church members learned to share their faith.

            The first night our team was waiting for the car to pick us up.  A man came into the church and asked for prayers for his sister.  He said, “I did not understand why I came in.”  I knew it was an answer to my prayers, because I had prayed for just one to come.  He accepted Christ!  We explained that God had planned it all.  Mary

            God showed each team member the need to share the gospel.  The team from the US did not realize that the entire world does not have the media that we do, and the people need the word of God.  Thomas

            We felt the passionate joy of seeing the fruit of the Spirit while observing John as he shared the gospel using the Evangecube.  He worked alongside the US team during the Sri Lanka project.

            After demonstrating how to use the Evangecube, the young people were on fire for the Lord.  They jumped right in, and showed no fear or concern during street evangelism in the 90% non-believing area.

            After John completed the gospel presentation, the young pastor was overjoyed when he led several in a prayer to confess their faith in Christ.  The pastor reported that their small church had prayed for 380 people and 296 of them had come to the Lord during this project.  Praise the Lord!  Lon

            The Lord allowed the team to see wonderful things while on the field serving Him.  A 91-year-old woman with special needs accepted Christ.  In front of the home where we were taken, a group had gathered and a great grandma was led out of the house to a chair.  She was very frail and hard of hearing.  I shared my testimony and the pastor stood up and presented the gospel using the Evangecube.  A miracle happened.  Great Grandma was able to hear the pastor presenting the gospel.  She started speaking and agreeing with him as he presented the gospel.  She wanted to accept Jesus. The pastor led her in prayer to receive the Lord.  She had a beautiful smile on her face when I told her I would see her in heaven!  Elsie

            From the week of evangelistic outreach and discipleship, 1,594 people indicated that they had prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  The churches will follow-up with the new believers to baptize and disciple them.