Our Staff

National Staff

      International Commission (IC) has been conducting projects since 1973 and has worked in more than 125 countries.  During this journey, godly leaders have shared, "How can I be more involved with your work at IC?"  Today, 15 men and women serve as staff living in their home country.  These men and women help secure project invitations and lead the preparation work among the host churches.  Alongside of them are more than 100 volunteers who help in preparing and leading projects.  Years of careful preparation and success have paved the way for these wonderful national staff members.


USA Staff

      A unique part of being an IC staff member is that each one has participated in a project.  Most of the staff went on a project that the Lord used to call them to IC.  These men and women are diligent about their work to enlist and prepare both sending and hosting churches for the project work.  People from every walk of life are a part of the IC Staff.  

      Every phase of a project is extremely important.  Constant encouragement from the staff and associates helps people take a giant step of faith needed to participate in a project.  Many participants must grow to a new level of trusting the Lord to see this work completed.