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Locking Arms in Kingdom-Focused Prayer



What is IC Encounter?  A united agenda of Kingdom-focused prayer for International Commission, accomplished through teams of committed individual participants worldwide.

Why United Prayer?  With the goal to reach every nation in the world before 2014, IC faces tremendous opportunities and challenges.  United prayer provides the structure to allow many who would pray, or already do pray for IC, to bring these needs before the Lord in a strategic and intentional way.

How can I participate?  Sign up on an enlistment card either on-line or thru the mail.  Indicate the day of the week you would like to designate as your focused prayer day for IC.  You will be contacted by your team leader and given further instructions on how to join the great adventure of united prayer!

What am I committing to do?   You are committing to a time of Kingdom-focused prayer for IC each week on your designated day.  Your team will have a specific list of IC needs which will be updated frequently by your team leader.  You may be praying for the IC staff, the needs of national pastors or for invitations into countries not yet visited.  Every quarter, your prayer topics will change so that eventually you will have the opportunity to pray over all aspects of the IC ministry, including praising God for His answers!

What if I don’t know how to pray?  We each need to seek opportunities to grow in prayer.  You will receive suggestions and encouragement from your team leader.  The Holy Spirit will take your commitment to pray and will use it to accomplish His purposes.

What should I do on my “designated day”?  You can go about your normal routine, go to work, care for your family, etc. but you will need to set aside some time to pray for IC.  You may have the opportunity to pray with someone else on your team if they live nearby or in your family.  You may pray over the phone with other team members on occasion, or simply pray on your own.  However you choose to pray, God honors the work of prayer.

What can I expect if I commit to pray?  Expect obstacles.  In prayer, we practice our dependence on the Lord, releasing the very power and presence of the Living God into our lives and circumstances.  The Enemy knows this and will attempt to distract, discourage and disqualify us.  You are investing in the eternal – be steadfast!

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Praying For The Nations

       International Commission has adopted a God honoring goal to conduct a project in every country in the world. Please join us in asking the Lord to open the door to these countries.
Ask       Pray for invitations from the 44 countries
              in which IC has never worked. 
Seek     Pray for the IC staff as they seek contacts 
              to provide invitations.
Knock   Pray that contacts will open the doors to 
              IC projects as IC staff knocks
Mayotte  Commoros Islands  Maldives
North Korea  Iran  Afghanistan
Bahrain  Djibouti Eritrea (Asmara)
Gaza  Kuwait Libya  Algeria
Morocco Saudi Arabia †  Somalia
Syria United Arab Emirates † West Bank
Yemen  Fiji † Tunisia  Western Sahara
French Polynesia † Martinique † Guam
Kiribati Nauru New Zealand † Marshall Islands
Micronesia (Fed. St.) Palau † New Caledonia
Samoa (Western)  Tokelau  Solomon Islands
TongaTuvalu Vanuatu
Monaco Iceland Luxemborg San Marino

          ...and the door will be opened to you.